Business Valuations

With more than a quarter century in the M&A trade, Suitegum knows about business valuations.

Accountants, attorneys, business coaches, strategists and business consultants call us. Insurance brokers recommend us. We are the "go-to crowd" for conducting valuations on their clients' businesses.

Exit Planning

One way or another, every business owner or shareholder will exit his business one day. The planning which goes into that event is critical to its success. If the expected value which the exit yields is out of line with reality, it is a disaster. Planning for the exit in conjunction with reliable business valuation expectations is                    imperative.  

Tax Planning

While we are not tax practitioners, we work under the guidance of tax specialist clients. We are able to confirm a stance with reasoned business valuation.

Due Diligence

A due diligence exercise in the acquisition of a business is important. There are professionals who specialise in checking the figures. Other specialists can give cover on the market expectations. The Suitegum Business Valuation will justify the transaction price. Or not.

Business Rescue & Liquidation

The value of the distressed business in another's hands is often key for creditors. If the business asset can find a home elsewhere, creditors will receive more. But before embarking on a costly selling exercise, some professional value analysis            helps.

Emigration Valuation

Yes. It's a thing. It's a business valuation in preparation for the owner(s) to emigrate. It helps put things in perspective earlier rather than later. Or too late. Not all business sales can support relocation costs.

Management Buyouts

A very successful way of the old making way for the young is by way of the other senior people buying the business. But those people are colleagues, and the setting of a price is awkward. How does one justify a price?

Estate Planning

Avoid the unhappiness of heirs dealing with unintentional unequal shares of an estate. The regular Business Valuation programme can keep your estate in balance.

Key man Insurance

What if your key man insurance is insufficient to cover the loss to the business in value terms? A regular business valuation will help keep this important expectation on par.

Partner Dissolutions

Business owners may live one another's lives for years. When the time comes to part ways, a fair settlement is the best way of avoiding expensive litigation.


In the acquisition of a business, it is all very well that you have the finances available to meet the asking price. But what if the asking price does not represent fair value? Business valuation is more than matching "generally accepted" multipliers with bottom lines.

Dispute Resolutions

Do you need guidance in a value dispute? Or its bigger cousin, the dreaded dissolution litigation? Suitegum valuation products give guidance, which is fair, accurate, accurate and well regarded.

Annual Sanity

We have a growing number of clients who conduct a business valuation every year. Value is not a simple multiplier calculation. External events, outside the control of the business, often affect value.

Independent Sales

There is no imperative to use a business broker to sell a business. In the final analysis, you end up doing the work yourself for the most part. But at what price does one enter the market. Well, the Suitegum Business Valuation will help you to pitch.


When two businesses merge for whatever reason, there is seldom equal value contribution. We can live with a few percentage points’ difference. But the bigger discrepancies can cause strife. The Suitegum Diligence Valuation identifies areas of concern and recommends solutions.


If a business owner is at the sharp end of a divorce, the business itself can become part of the settlement. The go-to stance of each party is at odds with that of the other party. And then the one wins at the expense of the other. A proper defensible business valuation is the fairest way to go.

Business Valuation Formulas - Free pdf



As convenient as they may seem, online instant valuations

are not reliable.

Your business has too many factors to consider before making an accurate assessment.

Businesses are as unique as fingerprints. It is not possible to match

one negotiated selling price with the objective valuation of another business.

The truth is you need to have your business valued by someone exposed to what is happening out there. Someone who listens to the theories, but sees the reality.

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