Prepared leads to prepaired.

Suitegum is a business exit management consultancy. We have helped people to exit their businesses for more than a quarter of a century.

We ease business owners just like you away from your businesses.

The road may be simple in principle. It is seldom easy. It is usually a new experience. It should never be disappointing.

You may need to increase expectations of value. 
     Your preconceptions of negotiation may need to change.
        Some gentle changes to the business may occur.
            Your commitment is key.

We make all suggestions with your best long-term interests in mind. We will remind you of that as the process unfolds.


We help owners keep this life-changing experience secret. Your relationships with customers, suppliers, creditors, and staff are sacrosanct. We take that as a given. The process of fundamental change is precious.


We defer to specialists in our network. We make those introductions wherever necessary. This includes introductions to tax, legal, and accounting specialists. Our unparalleled network of capital providers comes in many guises. Indeed, we will help you position your business for a funded exit, which lasts.

There is often only one chance to get it right. Join us on your journey.

Your exit is our raison d'etre.

"Mark applied his mind to all my questions, from accounting questions right through to law questions, and the answered seemed to be well researched and made sense. Adding to that no questions appeared too trivial or too late in the evening." 

                                                                         HEIDI SCHMID

"Mark made me feel at ease throughout the process: from the methodology used to indicate the value of the business, right up to the advice received at the signing of the contract."

                                                                      HEIDI SCHMID