What we offer you

Suitegum leverages on more than a quarter century in the mergers, acquisitions, and business disposals to provide business owners with valuable insight into the key areas of business disposals.

Suitegum is a business exit management consultancy. We have helped people to exit their businesses for more than a quarter of a century.

The road may be simple in principle. It is seldom easy. It is usually a new experience. It should never be disappointing.

Due diligence valuations are defend-able. They examine the strengths and weaknesses of a business from first principles of valuation. Gained insights relate the findings to calculated values.

Mergers are not as simple as adding two businesses together and hoping to get more than the sum of their parts. Planning a merger is key to its success.

Our interactive, open and participatory analysis drives towards consensus. If it is going to fail, then fail early. If it is going to succeed, then make sure that it does so for all concerned.