A business is, for many owners, the ultimate expression of a life's work. When he sells his business, the business owner grabs a material recognition of a career.


The size of the material consideration depends on the performance of the business.

  • Past performance, to an extent.

  • Current performance is the most important factor.

  • Future performance in the hands of your buyer is important.


But there are other considerations.

  • The actual operations of how the operation achieves its performance.

  • The sustainability of the business.

  • The transferability of the business.

We have identified 23 key valuation indicators (KVIs) which drive value. They summarise hundreds of considerations which fit into one or more KVI.


The KVIs relate in concert with the cold numbers of the financial statements. They guide the application of multipliers, discounts, and other parts of valuation formulas.


Make no mistake. Buyers, bankers, investors, and the rest will select weak KVIs to suppress a price.


If you do not prepare for this attack, then you will not get true value.


The good news is that we have a manageable programme ready for you to start today.


  • Prepares you and your business

  • In bite size chunks, bit by bit

  • At less than a basic wage


CSuite protects the financial base of your future plans.


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