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Business valuation consultants
Business valuation consultants
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Prepare your business for sale
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There are always buyers for businesses. Always.

If it weren’t so, there would be no cause for prices to drop. Prices drop because sellers become more desperate and willing to accept lower prices. At those lower asking prices there happen to be buyers for whom the buy-in opportunity is too tantalising to let pass. And so the business changes hands. Willing buyer from a willing seller, etc.

None of that has anything to do with value.

Prepare your business for sale

"I just absolutely had to let you know how much I enjoy reading you newsletters!! For longer than I can remember …possibly the last 6 yrs+… 

Your refreshing perspectives on topical issues combined with your clear, comical and most entertaining account of personal experiences ensure that I make the time to read your newsletter in the midst of my everyday hectic “fight for survival” as a typical SMME.

Thank you, once again… I’m really benefitting from your insights! 

Keep it up…and hope we meet soon!"

                                        MARIAM, Cape Town

Business valuations should be fundamental to every business person's strategy