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Imagine you own a business, or part of one. Imagine you have been running a business for a decade or longer. Imagine you want to buy a business. Imagine another business has approached yours, with an idea for a joint venture or merger.

You know there is value involved. Perhaps you have an opinion about the value which the business has to you. Your perception of value as an owner, as a seller, as a potential investor all have their own agendas. That is the value, below which you would not sell it, or above which, you would not consider buying it.

But is it a market related value? Are you selling yourself short, or paying over the top? In other words, what is the market most likely to pay? Thatís where Suitegum valuations products become very useful.

We have managed mergers, acquisitions and disposals of businesses like yours, for more than 25 years. This is 25 actual years, not five years multiplied by five employees.

Suitegum Valuation ProductsBusiness KVI ProfilerBusiness ValuationDiligence Valuation

The KVI Profiler evaluates all aspects of the business. It scores financial performance, momentum and growth. It maps a detailed key valuation indicator radar.

If you plan to dispose of your business, then the profiler will tell you where buyers will object. It will give you details on where the strengths and weaknesses would be in a negotiation for the best deal. The KVI Profiler will help you defend your own valuation figure. It will give you suggestions for improvement to raise the value.

The Suitegum Business Valuation considers all aspects addressed in the KVI Profiler. It relates the profile scores to financial specifics. It shows all working and justifications. There is no "rule of thumb", "generally accepted", or "industry related" jargon.

This product will give you the market value of your business.

The Suitegum Diligence Valuation includes everything from the Suitegum Business Valuation. It also conducts a more granular investigation into 23 key valuation indicators (KVIs). This is the fundamental evaluation of serious business investors.

The process stress tests the KVI profile. It analyses the financial statements and their individual, and relational elements. It reports on the inter, and intra income and cash-flow statements. It compares both with balance sheet relationships. It maps their historical performance and resulting momentums.

This product is not a financial due diligence or audit.

Business KVI Profiler Business Valuation Diligence Valuation

If you require a professional, realistic, market-related valuation of your business please call 011 083 6663 or select the link and complete one of the Valuation Order Forms above.

"Mark made me feel at ease throughout the process: from the methodology used to indicate the value of the business, right up to the advice received at the signing of the contract."

Heidi Schmid

"Mark gave me a valuation on my business, but couldn't assist in finding a buyer due to the geographical logistics, so he handed me over to a local business broker. This broker gave me a much higher valuation, having done a Swedish massage on the figures I supplied. I was thrilled at the prospect of getting what I thought was a reasonable sum for a little business, so we pitched it at the local broker's valuation.

Three buyers, much negotiation, a final signature on a piece of paper. Cloud 9! Days and days went by, the deposit was paid, the due diligence was conducted, and whamo! The buyer came back and said he was unhappy with the valuation, could we renegotiate?

Now, being a reasonable person, I 'pouted diplomatically' but finally, we have settled on the valuation Mark gave me in the first place. As he says, the best deals are done when neither side is too happy with the result!

I guess I just wanted to say that we should be sensible and realise that our businesses aren't quite as valuable to others as they are to ourselves."

Barbara Hilton-Barber


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