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Suitegum leverages on more than a quarter century in the mergers, acquisitions, and business disposals to provide business owners with valuable insight into the key areas of business disposals.

Business valuations:

There are many reasons for having a professional market related business valuation conducted on a business; Capital Gains Tax monitoring, divorce or partnership dissolution, investigating the viability of selling, another opinion on the value of an acquisition target, etc.

Selling strategy:

Selling a business is not as simple as placing an advert on Gumtree. Having the business ducks in a row, and then shooting them down in the correct sequence is absolutely fundamental to not only selling the business and agreeing on the best price and terms of payment. It is also the key to keeping the impending deal under wraps, providing information to only the minimum of "need to know" parties, and complying with all legislation.


Proper preparation can lead to a business being paired with its eventual new owner, months and even years in advance of the exit deal. Such planning is a hallmark of our success.

Planning for the target market is what a business does to become successful in selling its goods or services.

Continued planning and delivery makes it more successful and valuable.

We can show you how to prepair your business with a target buyer or investor in mind, and how to persuade them that your business is an acquisition target, ideally suited to them.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment:

Many business owners are floundering about in a daze, believing that they need to sell part of their business to a black partner in the next months. This is not necessarily so, and we can show you how to avoid the transfer of shares, or defer transfer to a more beneficial time. Of course if you are indeed in need of an empowerment partner in the next months, we can show you what to do here too.

Business exit:

Selling a business is a life changing experience, and the seller would be well advised to prepare the business for sale in good time so that it can be “prepaired”. We can introduce to the necessary professionals, adequately licenced, and exceptionally qualified to get the job done, when the time is right. If time is now of the essence, we can show you what to do in that case too.

We have actively sold businesses for 25 years. In that time we got to meet a lot of very professional people. We also met a bunch of greedy, vicious, bloodthirsty idiots; and some geniuses. Perhaps we can give you some guidance?

Business finance:

Business deals inevitably require funding from somewhere. The path to finality is often by way of growth, which requires funding. We can introduce to those (very nice) people as well. Before we do that though, we will advise you on improving your approach.

Business rescue:

Sometimes businesses run into trouble. That often starts the lonely trip to liquidation. More and more businesses in this unenviable position are able to avoid the death grip of liquidation and capital loss for their owners by taking advantage of business rescue provisions in the Companies Act. The success of a business rescue plan is directly proportional to the success of it pre-emptive planning. We ca help you with that.

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