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Readmore... Business valuations undertaken by trained specialists in respect of part share sales, divorce resolution, shareholder disputes, partnership dissolution, BEE investment and whole business sales. We work on a market related model suggesting realistic and achievable values...

Readmore... Preparing a business for sale should ideally be undertaken well in advance of the actual act. We advise how to make this part of your overall exit strategy in disposing of your business...









Prepared leads to prepaired.

Suitegum is a business exit management consultancy. We have helped people to exit their businesses for more than a quarter of a century.

We ease business owners just like you away from your businesses.

The road may be simple in principle. It is seldom easy. It is usually a new experience. It should never be disappointing.

You may need to increase expectations of value.
     Your preconceptions of negotiation may need to change.
        Some gentle changes to the business may occur.
            Your commitment is key.

We make all suggestions with your best long-term interests in mind. We will remind you of that as the process unfolds.


We help owners keep this life-changing experience secret. Your relationships with customers, suppliers, creditors, and staff are sacrosanct. We take that as a given. The process of fundamental change is precious.


We defer to specialists in our network. We make those introductions wherever necessary. This includes introductions to tax, legal, and accounting specialists. Our unparalleled network of capital providers comes in many guises. Indeed, we will help you position your business for a funded exit, which lasts.

There is often only one chance to get it right. Join us on your journey.

Your exit is our raison d'etre.

"Thanks for this document. Well put together and I wish that everyone approached the process as professionally as you guys seem to do."

Michael Ten Hope
CAVI - Candur Active Value Investments.

"At our first meeting I realised that I was dealing with someone with integrity. My initial fear was that Brokers (be it property or business) are concerned about the commission they could earn and very little else. At our second meeting I noticed a genuine interest on your behalf and a desire to consider matters on a personal level as well. After our rather private chat I left with a feeling of comfort, knowing that the sale of Mezzaluna was in safe hands."

Phil Mitchell
Mills, Fitchet & Associates

"In March 2004 we agreed to see Alan Goslar of Aldes Suitegum, a business brokerage who had previously approached us for a mandate. Several of Aldes Suitegum's brokers introduced various potential buyers to us over a period of three months.

In June 2004 Mark Corke of Suitegum presented to us a proposal for the sale of the business which convinced us to change tack entirely. He demonstrated to us how a few simple changes in the structuring of the sale would make the deal more attractive to buyers, and so, after almost a year of being on the market, privately, and through various other brokers, we gave Suitegum a sole and exclusive mandate on a revised structure.

We were very impressed with the enormous amount of work which was put in to understand the business and present it to potential buyers. Slide show presentations were very professional, and documentation was extensive. Certainly more appealing than the few bits of photocopied papers we had previously had handed across the table. Ultimately the full report ran to 141 pages. Buyers asked for very little besides the initial presentation.

Once the potential buyers had been reduced to a shortlist, and even at a time when we were negotiating the final details, Mark and Alan continued to bring new parties to the table. While this may have seemed like too much at the time, it continued to provide us with options, and strengthened our hand in negotiating a better deal.

In the final weeks we were presented with two offers from which we were able to make our decision. The final agreed price 3% higher than the value demonstrated by Mark at the time of granting the mandate. In the final negotiations auditors and attorneys from both buyer and seller were heavily involved. Mark Corke took control of the situation and led the entire process most competently.

From the sole mandate to the intitail memorandum of understanding took less than three months. I have no hesitation in recommending Suitegum to any business seller as a competent and professional outfit".

Tony Head
Heads Tractor

"Mark applied his mind to all my questions, from accounting questions right through to law questions, and the answered seemed to be well researched and made sense. Adding to that no questions appeared too trivial or too late in the evening."

Heidi Schmid


"The professionalism and the expertise provided by Mark and his team far surpassed any previous experiences that we have encountered through business brokers.

"Mark's attention to detail and valuable inputs in dealing with sensitive and complex aspects on behalf of the sellers and us as buyers, made a lasting impression."

Chris de Wet
Heads Tractor

"Whilst in the throes of deciding whether to leap or not, into Cape Car Hire, a pillar of strength was allways hovering in the background with a calm word, a mountain of advice and a universe of experience.

I would like to thank Mark Corke and his team for the kind assistance during this time of decision making.

It was very reassuring to know that there is this Force that assists you and you can fall back on.

If you ever need advice on buying or selling a business, Mark is the Force to have in your corner.

Thanks Mark!!"

Renier Richter
Intelligenz Connect
Wines Connect
Cape Car Hire
Call 0861CARHIRE

"The sale of my business was an emotional journey, and Mark was there for me throughout the process. From the outset my experience with Mark and Suitegum was a pleasant experience, Mark's approach was both professional and friendly."

Heidi Schmid

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